Printing can often be a term used for anything other than embroidery when applying logos to items; but there are different methods used for different types of print and surface.

We use two logo printing techniques at our East Sussex base.

It isn’t just clothing we can print on using our equipment – we can also print on…..
Bags, cars, phone cases, signs, boards, just to name a few!!! We offer both, Vinyl and Digital, logo printing techniques, at our East Sussex base.

Printed logo on white clothing

Vinyl Logo Printing

Most often seen as text and numbers on the back of shirts, hoodies, etc. Vinyl Printing is a quick and efficient way of producing individual prints that can be produced with no minimum order as there is little in the way of wastage. Text and numbers are the most popular use for Vinyl Printing but it is also possible to produce graphic type logos using vinyl by placing multiple colours together. The vinyl is produced in rolls of block colours which a plotter blade cuts to produce the design or characters. Once cut, the excess vinyl is removed to leave the required print on the transparent backing film.

The vinyl isn’t limited to solid colour, it is also available in glitter, animal skin, hologram and reflective style effects.

High vis jacket with printed graphic

Digital Logo Printing

Growing in popularity, digital printing is a more accessible way to print full colour images without the set up costs or required minimum runs associated with screen printing. Digital printing allows for photo quality prints to be applied to garments with no minimum orders.

Often used to print photos, this process also lends itself well to printing complex logos with many colours or fades/gradients.

The best results come out on white garments, but coloured garments can still hold digital prints thanks to the different media types available to print onto.

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