Things you should be asking your new supplier

What should you be asking your new clothing supplier?

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Things you should ask your new workwear supplier

Part 1- The clothing

Workwear suppliers range from businesses that have no equipment and farm the work out, or have small non-commercial quality machines through to large online giants who have huge internal departments.

For the customer, the sweet spot probably sits somewhere in the middle; where you get the attention and personal service/advice from the smaller suppliers but the quality results commercial equipment gives.

Why is the personal touch important?  Because with a range of over 6k items to pick from, do you want to leave it to luck to pick the correct items for your needs?

Of course workwear can consist of any garments you choose; but with a little understanding and assistance you could move from adequate workwear to workwear which not gives you a great first impression but can actually add to your brand and increase your customer base.

Here’s a list of things you should be asking:

  • Do you have a catalogue to look at? (online catalogues provide even easier searches)
  • Do you have a list of the best sellers to narrow it down? (Ours can be found here)
  • Would you recommend plain or contrast items?
  • We are in ‘x’ industry; do you have any suggestions of items suitable for our needs?
  • Advice on pros and cons of using 100% cotton, 100% man made fibres or a blend? (we have more info on this here)
  • Can you advise on the different regulations of hi-visibility standard by law?

Need Hi-visibility clothing? This next bit is crucial:

Don’t get drawn into (or be advised) that hi-vis clothing is simply hi-vis clothing. It’s not.  There are different classifications depending on the environment you wear them in.  A good supplier should be able to talk you through the differences between the classifications and regulations.

And there we have it.  A few things you should be asking your new supplier when it comes to clothing for you workwear.

Still to come:

  • Deciding on embroidery or printing
  • How easy is it to reorder?

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