The Pitfalls of High Street clothing for Workwear

Why you should look away from high street stores for you workwear

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The Pitfalls of using High Street clothing for Workwear

From time to time we get people asking if they can bring in items for us to put their logo on? The simple answer is Yes; but this always comes with a warning as it’s fraught with chances to waste money.

People often want to bring in their own items for two reasons.

The look or Brand

It’s often a certain brand they wear at the weekends that the feel looks good for workwear.

Placing your logo on an already branded item of clothing not only looks a bit odd, but also detracts away from your own branding.

You wear uniform to promote your business (and not ruin your own clothes).  Many brands place their logo on the left chest for good reason; it’s the most prominent position.  So why would you want to promote your business in a weaker position?

High street garments also have little consideration of zip and seam placement, making it sometimes impossible to get logos onto garments.  All promotional clothing items are designed to avoid zips and seams covering the main (if not all) areas where you may want to place your logo.


Some people think that buying from certain high streets shops will get them cheaper clothing.  Now, in some cases it might; but they are cheap for a reason.

We often find that the fabric is coated with a substance to prevent aging to make up for the quality of the fabric.  This often interferes with any prints and reduces the lifespan of the print.

The fabric is also spun in only one direction.  All promotional garments are spun in at least 2 directions in order to create stability.  This helps embroidered logos hold their shape and look the best they can.

So it’s fair to say that it can be a false economy using High Street garments for your workwear.

And it’s not as though there isn’t enough choice?!  We can supply over 6k items from our suppliers.  

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