Should I pay to get my logo created

What to do if you don't have a logo and how you should go about getting one created.

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Should I pay to get my logo created

“I don’t have a logo; how shall I create one?”

The simple answer is don’t.

Unless you were an architect, you wouldn’t create your own plans to hand to a build to get on with would you???

The same can be said for a logo.

Yes, you can whip something up on Microsoft Word with a bit of Clipart or heck, you may have even used Photoshop in GCSE IT but designing the look is just the first of part creating a logo that can be used in your business.

Chances are you will already have an idea of what you want it to look like; the colours involved in your brand at the very least.  But you should consider how it will look on different orientations on media.  Will it be the same layout on business cards, banners, clothing, websites, letters heads, etc; all things that come in different shapes and sizes.

Finally, (and this is where most people trip up) using the correct file formats.

Imagine your logo going onto a business card (say 2cm square) and now on the side of your can (2m square).  This only happens because of a vector file.

Vectors allow logos to be scaled without losing any quality.  If you save your logo as a JPEG for instance this is called a bitmap.  If you were to scale this up to go on a van chances are it will turn out looking like something from Space Invaders due to the pixelation.

Imagine it like this, you need something a poem printed out on a big piece of paper.  if you type the poem in Word and hand it over to the printer they can open the file and change the font size to required size.  This is how a vector works (for clarity, Word doesn’t save as vector format).

Handing over a hand written piece of paper with your poem on would most likely lead to the printer ushering you out their shop.

So the answer is YES.  We always recommend people get their logos created by a professional.  Of course it’s an investment at the start, but so is your whole business.  They will not only make it look good, but

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